Clinical Ethics Workshops

Clinical Ethics Workshops


What is it?

CENTRES run custom clinical ethics workshops that are tailored to a specific institution’s needs.


What is the duration of a workshop?

These workshops typically run for about 4 hours but we are flexible.


What topics do you cover?

We will work with clinical ethics committees and institutions to craft a bespoke programme on a topic that is relevant and meaningful.

Past topics have included:

  • Covert medication
  • End of life
  • Futility
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration
  • Advance care planning


How is the workshop run?

We typically offer a series of short talks on the topic, and these are followed by small group discussion of cases on the topic. After the breakout discussion, all participants reconvene to discuss the issues raised in the case before the facilitators summarise and focus on key take-home points.


Who is it for?

  • Members, chairs and administrators of clinical ethics committees
  • Healthcare professionals interested in clinical ethics