Smoking Cessation Study

A group of Singaporean students who are concerned with the long-term health effects of smoking want to study the effectiveness of behavioural therapies in helping secondary school students quit smoking. Posters will be put up on notice boards at 10 secondary schools inviting students who want to quit smoking to register their interest to participate in the study by attending a free talk on smoking cessation at a designated venue. 50 students attending the talk will be invited to participate in the study and attend a series of behavioural therapy sessions. Six months after the end of the therapy sessions, participants will be interviewed by phone to find out whether they have ceased smoking. A further follow-up will be carried out 12 months after the end of the therapy sessions.

Developed for use at an October 2016 CENTRES workshop on the Social, Behavioural and Educational Research. © 2016 National University of Singapore. All rights Reserved. May be used for educational purposes only.