Nutrition and Pregnancy Study

This randomised controlled trial is designed to test the relationship between maternal nutrition and offspring health. Participants are women planning to conceive in the near future. All participants will receive a nutritional packet they are to dissolve in water and consume twice daily throughout their pregnancy. Both control and experimental packets contain micronutrients; the experimental packet contains, in addition, probiotics and myo-inositol (a naturally-occurring nutrient). The effect of the intervention on a variety of health outcomes for the mother and offspring will be measured, including: glucose tolerance, gestational diabetes incidence, breast milk micronutrient profile, birthweight, cardiometabolic profile, gut bacteria profile, and neurocognitive development.

Developed for use at the February 2016 CENTRES workshop on the Human Biomedical Research Act. © 2016 National University of Singapore. May be used for educational purposes only.