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Useful Links (Singapore)

Asian Bioethics Review (ABR): An academic journal hosted by the Centre for Biomedical Ethics that publishes articles on a variety of bioethical topics, especially those relevant to the region.

ABR special issue on vulnerability: A special issue of the Asian Bioethics Review concerning vulnerable populations in healthcare and research.

Bioethics Advisory Committee: Established by the Singapore Government to report on and offer advice concerning issues arising from biomedical sciences research in Singapore.  See especially its recent report, Ethical Guidelines for Human Biomedical Research.

Making Difficult Decisions with Families: A Singapore Casebook: This recently-published casebook from the Centre for Biomedical Ethics is freely available online.

Personal Data Protection Commission: The agency tasked with enforcing the Personal Data Protection Act. Their site contains a wide range of useful guidelines on compliance with the PDPA.