Collaborative trial

An employee at institution A, a physical therapy centre, wishes to conduct an investigation into the effects of a new massage technique developed by the employee on relieving pain in individuals who suffer from chronic back problems. Institution A does not routinely conduct human subjects research, and as such is not registered as a research institution with Ministry of Health (MOH) and has no IRB. The employee will be collaborating with institution B, a hospital with a patient pool that would be recruited into the study; the employee of Institution A would visit patients at Institution B and administer the massage. Furthermore, a researcher at institution C, a university, is interested in collaborating with the employee to design the study, analyse the results and write it up for publication. Both institutions B and C have IRBs; B is registered with MOH as a research institution. Institutions A and B are based in Singapore; institution C is a foreign university without permanent presence in Singapore.

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