Photos from Mental Health Conference

Ms Sumytra Menon, Programme Director of CENTRES (first from left) and Prof Vikki Entwistle, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics (fourth from left) with our speakers for Session 1: Dr Giles Tan (second from left), A/Prof Michael Robertson (third from left) and Dr Tan Sheng Neng (fifth from left)

One of our associates, Dr Owen Schaefer (in red) leads discussions during a roundtable session
Dr Ng Wai Chong's presentation taught the audience that there are humane ways to deal with difficult situations only if we are willing to try
Ms Kuah Boon Theng addresses questions from the audience after her primer on Duty of Care & Duty to Report, where she spoke about various segments of the law, in particular those that have implications on the issue of confidentiality, and our obligations as citizens and as healthcare providers
A/Prof Aaron Ang showed how self-reflexivity is crucial in our health work so that we are aware of our own biases and values when confronted with issues of mortality
Ms Isabelle Faber shares about her experiences as a healthcare professional in Switzerland
Ms Sumytra Menon (in blue) during one of the roundtable sessions
Participants all geared up for a second day of engaging talks and fruitful discussions
Ms Luo Ling Ling speaks on the legal duty of confidentiality
A/Prof Wong Kim Eng's presentation on the issue of confidentiality when dealing with vulnerable persons was especially relevant for members of the audience who are working with various vulnerable persons
Ms Sumytra Menon speaks about Electronic Medical Records
Dr Voo Teck Chuan (in light grey), co-director of CENTRES, during the third roundtable session
Dr John Wong spokes on the complexity of dealing with child sexual abuse and how important it is to maintain objectivity when confronted with disturbing information
Dr Ng Kah Wee highlighted the various ethical dilemmas that healthcare colleagues experience when caring for individuals who have a distorted views of their bodies and eating, and stressed the importance of providing compassionate care to people with eating disorders and be present with them in their journey towards recovery.
Dr Jared Ng raised important questions of the way we interact with children when it comes to making important health decisions, and reminded the audience of the need to be aware that children do have opinions about their care and it is critical to engage with them.
Discussions ongoing at one of the roundtable sessions